u:Plug requires a standard EU wall box that is compatible with “Type C/F” power outlets. Find the full list of countries that support these types at http://www.worldstandards.eu/electricity/plugs-and-sockets/.
u:Plug is compatible with almost every mobile device on the market. It can charge MP3 players, tablets, headphones, power banks etc. u:Plug has the technology to recognize which device is connected and charge it with great precision.
u:Plug is working hard to deliver a reliable and safe product. We take every possible measure to provide our customers with the best charging device ever. u:Plug is currently under the strict CE certification process and we expect it to be officially certified before we start shipping.
u:Plug doesn't require batteries to operate.
The Power Light is bright enough so that you can see you charging status from across the room. ;)
Also, u:Plug can recognize if it is day or night meaning it won’t bother your sleep with a strong light.
We designed Power Stand in a way that it can fit most of the popular brands and phones on it. Devices on the stand are safe and ventilated during the charging process.
By knowing which device is connected, u:Plug outputs a precise current output. In addition, u:Plug knows when your device has been fully charged at which point it just turns off the electricity and saves your device from overcharging.
Yes, you can use both USB plugs at the same time.
Once you plug in your device into the USB plug, you will see the LED light turn on - that means your device is charging.
We offer 1 year warranty on u:Plug.
u:Plug can be assembled on type C and type F power outlets.
Otherwise, if you feel adventurous - u:Plug is pretty easy to install by using only a screwdriver and it takes just 3 minutes of your time.